"Riga's Lilac" nominated at the Latvian National Film Awards!  -- event

2019 october 4

Riga's Lilac enters the nominated list for the Latvian National Film Awards, in three categories : Best Short Film, Best Animation Director and Best Animation Artist!

The list can be found here (in Latvian).

"Roughhouse" awarded in Trujillo! -- awards

2019, october 4

Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson wins the Short Film Animation Award at the Trujillo International Independent Film Festival (FICIT-PERU) 2019 !

"Roughhouse" awarded in Bristol Encounters! -- award

2019, september 28

Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson wins the Best of British Animation Award in the Bristol Encounters festival 2019 !

"Raymonde or the vertical escape" awarded in Montreal! -- award

2019, september 26

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins the Best Professional Film Award in the Stopmotion Festival in Montreal !


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