Raymonde or the vertical escape

Raymonde is really fed up with peas, aphids, dirty panties and her kitchen garden to dig. After all, she would prefer sex, and love, and the immensity of the sky...

Release year : 2018

Duration : 16mn

Director : Sarah Van Den Boom



Scenario and dialogs : Sarah Van Den Boom

Translations : Camille Pesquer

Art Direction : Sarah Van Den Boom

Camera and lights : Simon Filliot

Camera Assistant : Quentin Lemouland

Edition : Sarah Van Den Boom, Annie Jean

Voices : Yolande Moreau, Jade Van den Boom, Richard Van den Boom, Valentine Van den Boom

Voice recorder : Guillaume Bessonat

Sets Manager : Jean-Marc Ogier

Sets : Hugues Brière, Fabienne Collet, Martine Guérin, Marion Le Guillou, Sarah Van den Boom

Sets Interns : Elina Barbeau, Constance David, Jade Van Den Boom, Valentine Van Den Boom, Kristina Vorobyeva

Set Preparation : Fabienne Collet

Puppets : David Roussel, Anna Deschamps, Sarah Van den Boom

Puppets intern : Kristina Vorobyeva

Costumes : Jade Van Den Boom, Sarah Van den Boom

Stopmotion Animation : Benjamin Botella, Gilles Coirier, Marion Le Guillou, Souad Wedell

2D Animation : Gilles Cuvelier, Thomas Machart

Compositing : Gilles Cuvelier, Rodolphe Dubreuil, Thomas Machart, Matthieu Millot

Colour Grading : Marie Gascoin

Music : Pierre Caillet

Music Recording and Mix : Thomas Vingtrinier

Musicians : Eric Lacrouts (violin 1), Ludovic Balla (violin 2), , Cécile Grassi (viola), Cyrille Lacrouts (cello), Franck Sibold (bassoon), Yohan Couix (flute)

Sound Design : Yan Volsy

Foley : Daniel Gries

Ingénieur du son bruitages : Matthieu Langlet

Mix : Sébastien Cabour

Recorder Fresnoy : Martin Delzescaux

Producers Papy3D : Richard Van Den Boom, Sarah Van Den Boom

Production assistant Papy3D : Alice Mallaroni

Producers JPL Films : Jean-François Bigot, Camille Raulo

Production assistant JPL Films : Marie Cousin

Production intern JPL Films : Morgane Le Nan

Production accounting JPL Films : Cécilia Bouteloup, Isabelle Geffroy

Studio animation volume : JPL Films

Studio animation 2D : Train-Train

Voice Recording Studio : Lylo

Music Recording Studio : Sequenza

Foley Recording Studio : Yellow Cab

Sound Mix Studio : Le Fresnoy

Image Post-Production Studio : Digital Cut

Supported by : le CNC, la Région Bretagne, Pictanovo - région Hauts de France, France 3, la Procirep et l'Angoa, la Maison du Film Court et la Sacem

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Festivals and screenings

  • Annecy International Animation Festival 2018 - Competition
  • Douarnenez Cinema Festival 2018 - Showcase
  • Grenoble Outdoor Short Film Festival 2018 - Competition
  • Odense International Film Festival 2018 - Competition
  • Ouroux en Morvan Partie(s) de campagne 2018 - Competition
  • Palm Springs International ShortFest 2018 - Competition
  • Rennes Courtmetrange 2018 - Competition
  • Rhode Island Flickers 2018 - Competition
  • Rio / Sao Paulo Animamundi 2018 - Competition
  • Toulouse Short Film Sequence 2018 - Competition
  • Ukhnov Insomnia 2018 - Competition
  • Vila Do Conde Curtas 2018 - Competition

Broadcasts and theatrical screenings

  • France 3 (2018)
  • DTS Spain (2018)