"Raymonde" on the air!  -- event

2018, february 17


The new Sarah Van Den Boom film, Raymonde or the vertical escape, is finished, after a production spanning 2017 and  2018.

Coproduced by JPL Films, supported by the CNC, by France 3, by the Brittany region, by Pictanovo and the Hauts de France region, by the Procirep and the Angoa, by the Sacem and the House of Film, its production took place between Rennes, at JPL Films, Hellemmes-Lille, at studio Train-Train, and Paris.

You can now watch the first images on its page and on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.

"Child Dream" online!  -- event

2017, december 8

Christophe Gérard's film, Child Dream, nominated at the Emile Awards for the design by Gilles Cuvelier of backgrounds and characters, can now be watched online on our Vimeo (prefered) and Youtube channels !

"The Ogre" selected for the french Cesars 2018!  -- events

2017, september 19

The Ogre by Laurène Braibant is short-listed in the 12 selected films to compete for the french Cesar 2018 for the best animation film!

The full list of selected films can be checked in the following Academy pdf (in french).

"(Fool time) JOB" soon on your screens !  -- event

2017, may 1st

Since it's Labour Day, it's the ideal moment to announce that Gilles Cuvelier's new film, (Fool time) JOB, supported by the CNC, Pictanovo and the Hauts de France council, as well as the Procirep and the Angoa, is finished !

You can watch its trailer on its page and on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.

Get ready for "(Fool time) Job" !  -- event

2017, march 4

Seven years after Love Patate, Gilles Cuvelier is finally close to release a new film!

The making of the images of (Fool time) Job, supported by the CNC, Pictanovo and the Hauts de France district, as well as the Procirep and the Angoa, is indeed almost over.

After sound post-production, planned in april, the film will be released to festivals, the same year studio Train-Train turns 10!


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